Introducing Flying Camera Systems

Introducing Flying Camera Systems

After years of development, Flying Camera Systems can now offer clients ranging from private homeowners through to multi-national companies an easy, cost effective, and low pollution solution to aerial photography.

The service Flying Camera Systems provide is of particular value in areas near major civilian or military airports where full sized aircraft have severe flight restrictions imposed on them. It is also useful when the costs of using full sized aircraft would be prohibitively expensive.

The company uses high quality miniature helicopters; each with a purpose-built mount designed to take a camera (video or photographic), and a video downlink. The system is not subject to the same restrictions that full size aircraft have imposed on them, and can be used in relatively confined areas which open up a new realm of possibilities for aerial photography.

The flight team comprises of an experienced pilot with the necessary skills for precise and accurate flying, and a camera operator in complete control of the camera. This combination ensures outstanding results every time.

How are the shots obtained?
Once the helicopter is in position, the camera operator uses a separate radio-controlled link to move the camera precisely into the required position and can see what the camera sees by means of a video monitor. He is thus able to compose the perfect picture and the customer is able to assist in the composition of the images if he so desires. Generally we will take over 50 pictures for the customer to own and select from.