Aerial Service

Aerial Service

Flying Camera Systems Ltd is a premier close range aerial video and photography company that specializes in TV commercial, sports event, entertainment, and any other aerial needs. The use of remote controlled aerial video equipment provides a cost effective solution for customers of all sizes.

Flying Camera Systems Ltd utilizes remote controlled helicopters to capture some of the best aerial video in the industry. The company uses high quality miniature helicopters; each with a purpose-built mount designed to take a camera (video or photographic), and a video downlink. The system is not subject to the same restrictions that full size aircraft have imposed on them, and can be used in relatively confined areas which open up a new realm of possibilities for aerial photography.

The flight team comprises of an experienced pilot with the necessary skills for precise and accurate flying, and a camera operator in complete control of the camera. This combination ensures outstanding results every time.

Visual Marketing with altitude will grab and invite your customers to look beyond the first line of your marketing message to give your product that extra edge.

We are able to carry many different cameras, so let us know what your needs are.

Our personal cameras include:
Digital HD video: Canon / Sony
Still photography: Canon / Sony