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In a distant Galaxy far far away you will find our M.D. Jolyon Bambridge... well back in 1999 you would have, working with George Lucas as part of his film crew on the blockbuster movie Stars Wars Phantom Menace. Jolyon Bambridge supervised the R2D2 Build personally operating the little robot on both the Tunisian and UK film sets. 


It's a long way off from Flying Miniature helicopters specialising in aerial photography but it's another part of Jolyons background that makes him such an expert in his field. 


With 20 years flying experience he knows what he is talking about.  Here are a few  films his skills were used in..  Goldeneye World Is Not Enough Die Another Day Lost in Space Mission Impossible Judge Dredd Star Wars Phantom Menace Sunshine.
His skills have also been used on the small screen for Television Commercials such as Virgin Atlantic Honda Saab General Motors B.M.W. British Petroleum Audi
Combining his photographic experience in the publishing world with his expertise in construction and operation of scale models for special effects in the film world, he created Flying Camera Systems a specialised aerial photography service.
Visit our you tube video that demonstrates how the Flying Camera Systems is used. Also see on the Channel 5 programme FAQ that featured Flying Camera Systems.




  • Property Developers
  • Construction Companies
  • Property Agents
  • Private Property Agents
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Golf Courses


2008-2011 Flying Camera Systems Ltd. Designed by YOW!

Flying Cameras Systems is featured on the Channel 5 television FAQ program, showing how the unique aerial photography system can be used for a wide variety of applications.


As seen on TV Channel 5


The new weir has been designed to give greater protection against flooding to more than 740 homes. Flying over water requires you to have the best quality equipment. 


Thames to Shepperton Weir B re-construction Edmund-Nuttall Ltd
Shot building from 5 angles so as to give comprehensive coverage of progress made.


Deb Ltd  Recently completed 2nd phase photography of new production facilities being built

Eton College required a range of photographs for it’s new web site. FCS was contacted, due to the site being located in the flight path to Heathrow airport.  This difficult location meant it was virtually impossible to use a full size helicopter for the task, but our system handled the request effortlessly.


Eton College Windsor Berkshire

Proctor & Gamble, again sited close to Heathrow, P&G wanted to present a retiring member of staff with a photograph of the area where he had spent most of his working life. An aerial photograph carried far more visual impact and was very well received.


Proctor & Gamble

Addictive TV required video footage for a Channel Four production. We were asked to provide fast flying shots at low level over a cornfield. This would have been impossible to film using traditional aircraft, but our team obtained the required shots using the Flying Camera Systems miniature helicopter.


Addictive TV a Channel Four production

Boots/Glaxo needed footage for a road show they were producing, with the purpose of highlighting the dangers of asthma in children. The camera needed to 'fly' at low level around the young actors in the production. FCS provided the necessary expertise and equipment to accomplish this shot safely.










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